zondag 23 januari 2011

Baby steps come first,

I said: 'i"m gonna start writing a blog'
she said: "how nice! that's something i would like to do as well, but writing a blog isn't that easy'.
I said: No i'm not going too let the but's and the dont's, stop me from blogging. I know it will cost me my time! but i'm just gonna do it!'
she said: 'You should! what will you be writting about?'
i said: ' about kids, daily stuff but mostly about kids stuff' .
She said: 'Ow...' but why not about fashion or beauty,things that involve your yourself?' 
i said: ' well, 'I' like fashion,'I' like beauty,'I' like design, 'I' like art, I love lifestyle with all his pretty accents. But besides all these like's my heart goes out to the lifestyle of  kids.
She said:' that's must be original because your blogging about kids stuff without having any kids yourself.
i say:'Ooow! this is going to be exiting, i feel like a kid on the point of starting to walk, full of energy and ready to fall all over this blog and get up it, over and over again!

Let's see who's intressting in what i got to say and share with the world.
First things first, I will be taking babysteps.